Stay Connected with Landline Phone Service

Great for any home, and a must at locations with children or older adults… no rural home should be without a home phone.

      • Easy for kids, visitors, and elderly to use.
      • It’s always reliable.
      • Location ID 911 (when you cannot speak in an emergency, just dial and rescue officials will be on their way).
      • When cell towers go down our phones work!
      • Get listed in the regional directory so new friends can find you.
      • Telemarketing blocks available.
      • Affordable when bundled with TV and internet.

Use our map below to find out if you are in our service area, and contact us to sign-up.

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Use this map to find what services are available to you and see pricing.


Modern voicemail can be more than a simple voice message. Download messages or get them sent to email.

Caller ID

Know who’s calling before you answer.  Plus with TV and voice alerts, get notified with even more convenience.

Telemarketing Block

Today’s telemarketers and robo callers are trickier than ever.  Try this service to help block their calls and win the battle!

Long Distance Residential Plans

Gardonville offers long distance at competitive rates. The more you talk, the less you pay!

    • Normal Flat Rate – 14¢ per minute
    • Talk 100 (100 Minutes) – $12.95 per month, 14¢ per minute overages
    • Talk 1,000 (1,000 Minutes) – $19.95 per month, 14¢ per minute overages
    • Unlimited Long Distance- $34.95 per month, no overages

There is no fee to switch. Contact us today!

The Scoop About Co-op Membership

You automatically become a co-op member when you purchase or subscribe to qualifying services such as phone or internet service (and are a resident in the original cooperative service area).

You’ll get:

    • Cash-back on Services Purchased
    • Quality Services
    • Voting Privileges

No extra fees or dues for membership, just simply purchase monthly services. Get more info today!


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