Investing in You

You automatically become a member when you purchase or subscribe to qualifying services, as a resident in the original cooperative service area. There’s no extra fee, no other requirement, other than simply purchasing monthly services.


How It Works


A cooperative is formed for the benefit of you and the community.

At Gardonville, our first priority is to ensure you have access to the advanced communication services you need and want. We invest the monthly subscription members pay for services like internet and telephone, as well as rural government supports we receive, into operating and maintaining the network.

After this priority, because we are a cooperative, anything left over is returned to the members in the form of capital credits (instead of a private owner).

That’s right, cash-back potential simply from doing business with us.


Dividends in More Detail

Capital credits are the difference between your cooperative’s operating costs and revenues. Capital credits are allocated to all members based on their patronage with Gardonville and are derived from members doing business with Gardonville, such as subscribing to Gardonville Long Distance service, leased or purchased equipment, installation and labor charges, calling features, and internet… along with Gardonville phone service.

The more you purchase, the more you will be allocated.


The Gardonville board of directors determines the schedule for returning capital credits to members, then every year calculates the amount of capital credits the company will allocate.

Checks are mailed with statements listing the current year’s allocation. Gardonville maintains an individual capital credit record for each member. Allocations belong to you as a member even if you move and/or no longer receive services from Gardonville.


Keep your capital credit checks coming if you move by remembering to keep us informed of your address. It’s your money!