Calls Not Getting Through?

Gardonville Cooperative Telephone Association strives to provide excellent service at all times. However, people who live in rural areas around the country are reporting that calls to them are not getting through or they are getting calls with poor quality.

The problem starts with the long distance carrier used by the customer who makes the call, not Gardonville. The problem can only be resolved by the carrier used by the customers who makes the call.

The nationwide epidemic is negatively affecting local businesses, public safety and our relationship with our customers. Rural carriers have filed complaints with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and state agencies. The FCC has created a task force to investigate and address the issue. Rural telco advocates are encouraging swift and severe action against all providers at the center of the problem.

What can you do? Go to to file an informal wired telephone service complaint with the FCC against the carrier used by the person trying to call you (not Gardonville), and encourage the caller to do the same.