We Manage Your WiFi

Add Whole Home WiFi to your internet service for just $9.95/month and we take care of everything to connect all your devices effortlessly.

First, we’ll do an analysis of your home’s WiFi coverage so we know where to place our equipment and where to boost signal.

Next, we’ll set up our equipment and make sure all your devices are connected to the internet and working as fast as they are capable. From now on, we’ll take care of managing your WiFi.


Highly Recommended for Best User Experience

Blanket Coverage

Ever wonder why it’s tough to make all your devices work fast and reliably in every room? End the guessing game and get total coverage with Whole Home WiFi.

Fast Connections

Optimize speed for what you do on the internet, and for how many things you connect.

Save Money

You’ll never again have to shell out hundreds of dollars to get an effective WiFi network. If it fails, we’ll replace it for free.

Quality Equipment Means Fast, Safe, and Reliable

The quality of your WiFi equipment matters for speed, reliability, and security.  We’ve done the research.  When you choose our Whole Home WiFi service we take care of everything to make sure you have a fast, reliable, and secure WiFi connection.

Our technicians highly recommend Whole Home WiFi for your best internet experience.  Call today!

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