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ANONYMOUS CALL REJECTION: Allows all unblocked Caller ID calls to ring through normally, but sends all blocked calls to a recording that states you are not accepting any blocked calls. This service comes free of charge with Caller ID.

CALL FORWARDING: Automatically forwards your calls to another location. You will be billed for any toll charges from your number to the forwarded number if it is a long distance call. *

CALLER ID NUMBER DELIVERY: Shows you the telephone number of the caller before you answer the phone. You need to purchase a Caller ID unit for this feature.

CALLER ID NAME & NUMBER DELIVERY: Shows you the name and number of the caller before you answer the phone. A Caller ID unit is required for this feature. *


  • Line Blocking will prevent your name and number form being transmitted and displayed on all calls made from your line. Instead, the word “private” or “anonymous” will be displayed if you are calling someone who has Caller ID.
  • Per Call Blocking is simple, just press *67 before you dial the number you are calling to prevent your telephone number and name from being displayed. There is no need to request this option, it is automatically available on your line plus there is no charge for per call blocking.
  • Line Unblocking will cancel the blocking feature for one call by dialing *82. This will allow your information to be displayed. Your line will immediately block upon the completion of your call. There is no charge for this unblocking feature.

CALL WAITING: Informs you that another party is trying to contact you while you are engaged in a telephone conversation. You can answer the incoming call and talk privately without losing the original party. You can also alternate between parties.*

CANCEL CALL WAITING: Temporarily cancel your call waiting for the call you will be making. Just press *70 to cancel call waiting. Once the call has been ended, call waiting will automatically reactivate for the next call. *

CALL RETURN: Allows you to return the call you just missed by dialing *69. This feature will tell you the last number that called. Call return will not work on blocked calls. *

CALL SCREENING: Lets you create a list of telephone numbers from which you do not wish to receive calls. Calls from telephone numbers on your list are sent to an announcement that informs callers that you are not receiving calls at this time. *

CALL TRACE: If you receive harassing or obscene type calls and you feel you need assistance from the police, Call Trace can help. To trace a call, hang up after the harassing call, pick up the receiver again, press *57 (or 1157 rotary) immediately. If the parties information has been transmitted you will receive a recording which confirms that the call has been traced. Upon a successful trace, the telephone number of the line used by the caller will be recorded at Gardonville Co-op Telephone Association’s central office. The Call Trace information will be displayed at Gardonville Co-op Telephone Association office whether or not the caller has blocked the call. You then contact your local sheriff’s office, Douglas County Sheriff at 320-762-8151 or Grant County at 218-685-5303. At this time the Sheriff’s department will contact Gardonville Co-op Telephone and request that Gardonville furnishes them with the trace information. (Under no circumstance will Gardonville Co-op Telephone Association give you the name or number of the person who placed the harassing call, it will only be released to law enforcement agencies.)

EXTENDED AREA SERVICE: Lets Gardonville members call the Midwest exchanges which include Urbank, Parkers Prairie, Eagle Bend and Miltona with on long distance charges. Customer needs to dial the area code plus the number. (Customer does not dial a 1 before the area code.)

FIND ME: The “Find Me” feature allows people calling you to track you down. A call to your home can ring your wireless phone, your office phone and your lake cabin all at the same time or in an order that you decide. You’ll never miss an important call again. (Long distance charges may apply). *

PIGGYBACK/TEEN LINE: Allows you to have another number to receive incoming calls only. The ringing pattern will be two short rings. *

PRIORITY RINGING: Allows you to set up a list of up to 32 telephone numbers that you would like to ring in a distinctive ringing pattern.

REPEAT DIALING: Allows you to dial a code to have your telephone continuously attempt to redial a busy number that you’ve tried to call. This feature is active for a maximum of 30 minutes. You may still make and receive other calls. When the line is free, you will be alerted with a distinctive ring, and the call will be automatically made. *

SPECIAL CALL ACCEPTANCE: Allows you to create a list of 32 telephone numbers from which you are willing to accept calls. Other callers hear an announcement stating that you are not receiving calls at this time. *

SPEED DIALING: Lets you call frequently called numbers by dialing one or two digit codes. *

TELEMARKETER CALL SCREENING: Allows you to block unknown or unwanted telemarketer calls. Calls outside of local numbers receive a message stating that your number does not accept telemarketer calls and requires them to press 1 to complete the call. You can also program phone numbers that you always want allowed, such as friends or family! *

THREE-WAY CALLING: Allows you to add a third party to a previously established connection. If either party hangs up after the conference, you are still connected to the remaining party. *

TOLL RESTRICTION: You can restrict long distance calls on your line by adding a PIN number to your account. Only those people with the PIN number can make a long distance call.

VOICE MAIL: This automated service answers your calls with a recording of your own voice and then stores your message until you retrieve them. All you need is a touch tone telephone. To listen to your voice mail messages, simply lift the handset of your phone and dial *99. The tutorial will guide you through all messaging options. If you need to check your voice mail messages when you are away from home, simply dial 320-834-MAIL (6245) and enter your mailbox number (7 digit home phone number). You will then be asked for a password (default is 0000). *

* Indicates which calling features are available with our bundle packages.

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