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Viasat Satellite Internet


Viasat provides fast satellite internet primarily to locations not served by any other kind of fast internet service. As global communications company for more than 30 years, they have helped rural homes and businesses, governments and military’s around the world communicate.

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Now With Unlimited Internet Data!

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Good for people who mostly tend to stream video on their phone or tablet; smaller households that don’t use many connected devices (Small Screen Quality).


2-year contract required




Good if you’re OK watching shows in standard (DVD Quality) definition. Looks good on laptops, phones, tablets, small TVs, and may be acceptable on larger TVs.


2-year contract required




Good for streamers who watch video on bigger TVs and want the best quality (HD Quality); families with many connected devices.


2-year contract required

Other Fees

One-Time Installation/Activation Fee – $59.95

Monthly Maintenance/Warranty Equipment Fee – $8.99

Early Termination – $20 per month for the months remaining on the contract


Here’s What’s Included

  • Professional standard installation by a certified local technician
  • Toll-free access to technical support that’s available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Call 888-212-5453.
  • Local billing and support by Gardonville Cooperative Telephone Association

Viasat Frequently Asked Questions

Want to understand more on what Viasat Internet is all about? Check out the list of frequently asked questions below.

Who is it for?

Viasat Internet is a great choice for people who don’t have cable Internet where they live. It will be an upgrade for your family if you’ve been stuck with slow DSL or local wireless service.

Which plan should I choose?

We recommend picking the service plan that best fits your video viewing habits, desired speed and budget. You can always upgrade your package. There’s never a fee to change service plans, and your upgraded service will be available within a matter of minutes.

Is there a free zone?

No. There’s no need for a Free Zone with unlimited data plans. The Free Zone was created to give additional data to our customers on our older plans during wee hours. With our new unlimited data plans, you don’t have to wait until 3 a.m. to download files.

How much data usage is included in my unlimited data plan?

On an unlimited data plan, there are no limits to how much data you can use during your monthly billing cycle. On the Unlimited Bronze, Silver and Gold service plans, after 40, 60 or 100 GB of data usage, respectively, we may prioritize your data behind other customers during network congestion.

Am I able to check my usage somewhere?

Yes. You can check your usage at any time by logging in to our customer portal at or by calling our business office at 320-524-2211.

Does my data usage ever affect the speed of my Internet service, especially if I use a lot of data?

When the network is not busy, nothing will happen to your service speeds. When the network is busy, and you have used more data than the amount stated for your service plan in the paragraph directly above, Viasat may prioritize your data behind other customers, which will result in slower speeds. Web pages and videos may respond and load more slowly than during periods of non-congestion.

What can you do with an unlimited data plan?

Anything you routinely use the internet for – banking, shopping, homework, streaming music and video, downloading files, social media, checking news, sports, and weather. Do everything you love, and more of it.

Choose Cellular Service from Gardonville

With unlimited talk, text, data… and service and support from your local Gardonville offices, we’re a great choice for communication services at your rural home.

    • One bill for all your telecom services.
    • Customize downloading, streaming and Mobile Hot Spot speed on unlimited plans.
    • Plans start at $25.00/Month. Add more lines, and get discounts.

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