It’s Easy & Affordable

Add Managed WiFi to your internet service for just $4.95/month and we take care of everything to connect all your devices effortlessly.


The Best Choice for Your Home


We’ll monitor for connection issues. If we see your WiFi router is “down” before you – we’ll reach out before you notice.


With Managed WiFi we keep your router’s software up-to-date for peak performance and safety.


Save money with FREE replacement if the WiFi router fails, even if it gets hit by lightning!


Questions? Forgot your password? Give us a call! Phone and remote support is always included.

Quality Equipment Means Fast, Safe, and Reliable

The quality of your WiFi router matters for speed, reliability, and security.  We’ve done the research.  When you choose our Managed WiFi service we take care of everything to make sure you have a fast, reliable, and secure WiFi connection.

Our technicians highly recommend managed WiFi for your best internet experience.  Call today!

Let us help you find a solution today!