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Wisper Next Wireless Internet (formerly Wisper High-Speed Internet) has a new look and faster speeds to choose from! 

Call or text the team at Gardonville at (320) 524-2211 to ask about availability in your area. In the meantime, this map should give you a good indication on whether you're able to receive Wisper Next Wireless Internet at your location!


wireless coverage map


Monthly Price

3MB x 1Mb


6Mb x 2Mb


12Mb x 3 Mb


Speeds are "up to" actual speed may vary. Some restrictions apply. Please call for availability.




12 Month Service Agreement  $59.95
Without a Service Agreement   $99.95

Installation fees are for a standard installation. Additional charges may apply. $99.95 fee for early termination of a service agreement.


Other Fees

Modem Rental  $2.99/Month
Mangaged WiFi $4.95/Month
Seasonal Disconnect     $2.99/Month
Seasonal Reconnect $18.00

Extra Goodies You'll Get:

  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Paperless Statements
  • 1 email with 50Mb storage and spam filtering


Custom Packages

If you or your business requires large amounts of bandwidth, we can custom build a package to suit your specific needs. We're able to deliver a dedicated data connection on a case by case basis. We'd be happy to discuss your needs, assess your situation and give you a no obligation quote.


Managed WiFi Service

Managed WiFi service allows us to monitor the internet connection to the router (the device that allows multiple devices to connect to the internet wirelessly). If we see the router is "down" before you do - we'll create a trouble ticket and give you a call. We'll also keep the router's software up-to-date t make sure it's running at peak performance. And, if the router fails, we'll replace it with a new one! 


Smart Home Services

Let us set up and install your devices so you can start enjoying them! Just call our dedicated Smart Home Services line at (320) 834-7000 and one of our experts will get you a quote and schedule an appointment to assist with your smart TV, tablet, router, Blu-Ray player, Smart home apps like garage door openers, thermostats, door locks and much more!