Computer accidents wait for no one. That's why its so important to back up your data early and often. FileHopper is an automatic data backup solution that will back up your most important data every 30 minutes! 

FileHopper provides easy backup of photos, music, documents and more in three different storage options 5GB, 50 GB and 250 GB.


FileHopper Features

- Easy online backup of your photos, music, documents and more.
- Safe and secure 128 bit SSL encryption, the same protection technology used by banks      today.
- Automatic and reliable. Built to set it and forget it.
- Multiple computer use. Install FileHopper on any number of Windows or Mac computers.
- Remote file access so you can retrieve your files from any Internet connected computer.
- File sharing capabilities, share your large files with anyone just by sending an e-mail.
- iFolder allows you to utilize one online folder to store, access and edit your files on any
  computer you have Online Backup on.
- Five versions of a file are saved and backed up for 30 days in case of accidental      deletion.
- 24/7 support via phone (877-373-3320), live chat and e-mail at no extra cost.





Storage Capacity

 5 GB

 $  3.95/Month

1,000 Songs or 1,600 Photos or 50,000 Word Documents

 50 GB

 $  6.95/Month

10,000 Songs or 16,000 Photos or 500,000 Word Documents

 250 GB


50,000 Songs or 80,000 Photos or 2,500,00 Word Documents

The capacities above are based on the following formula:
5 MB per song, 3 MB per photo and .1 MB (102 KB) per Word document.  



Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What's the benefit of FileHopper compared to an external hard drive?
Answer: With FileHopper, there's no risk of your files being destroyed by a fire or virus. It can never be stolen, dropped or broken. Finally, since FileHopper is automatic, you'll never have to manually plug it in and drag-and-drop files.

Question: Why FileHopper and not Amazon, Carbonite or MozyPro?
Answer: With FileHopper service your data is stored in a facility located in Cedar Rapids, IA as opposed to "the cloud" that has no known physical location.

Question: Are you limited to a per-file size upload?
Answer: No. You can upload a file of any size, so long as it isn't larger than your allotted package size.

Question: What happens when I use all of my storage capacity?
Answer: An e-mail will be sent to you notifying you that your available storage is almost gone, giving you the option to upgrade your package.

Question: Since I can use this on multiple computers, can I be running backups simultaneously?
Answer: Yes.