All Exede plans are super fast. Just choose how much data you'll need. Not sure how much you'll need though? Check out our Plan Selector Tool.


SPEED   Up to 12 Mbps download, up to 3 Mbps upload
PACKAGE   Classic-10 Classic-15 Classic-25 Classic-50 
DATA   *10 GB/Month *15 GB/Month *25 GB/Month *50 GB/Month


Perfect for emailing, social media, video chats and web browsing.


Great for emailing, social media, video chats, web browsing and connecting families with multiple computers.


Good for enjoying movies more frequently, sharing larger numbers of photos and uploading files.


Very heavy internet user. 

PRICE   $49.99 per month $74.99 per month $109.99 per month

 $169.99 per month

CONTRACT   2-year required 2-year required 2-year required  2-year required



















*All Classic Packages will receive unlimited, unmetered usage during the Late Night Free Zone. Late Night Free Zone runs from midnight to 5 AM. During these time periods the meter isn't running and your usage doesn't count towards your monthly allowance. When you're in the zone, this is your hall pass to enjoy as much data as you can eat!



Wondering if the liberty package is better for you than a Classic package? If you and your family mostly use the internet during the daytime, especially before 5 p.m., you’ll likely benefit from our Liberty Plan.  If you and your family use the internet a lot at all hours of the day and night, the Liberty Plan should improve your overall experience compared to our older Exede plans.

With a traditional data plan, your plan has a strict data allowance (sometimes called a “data cap”) every month. Once you’ve used up all your data, your service will be restricted, with very slow speeds if you do not buy more data. With the Liberty Plan, if you use all of your Priority Data, you can continue to use the service at slower speeds that should still be fast enough to do most of what you want to do online.



Up to 12 Mbps download, up to 3 Mbps upload

PACKAGE   Liberty-30
DATA   *30 GB/Month
PRICE   $124.99 per month
CONTRACT   2-year required


*The Liberty Plans are not unlimited. Heavy users of Liberty Pass may experience slower speeds than lighter users of Liberty Pass. Your speeds on Liberty Pass will vary and in certain situations (such as during evening hours when the network is busy), the speeds may be so slow that your ability to use the internet may be greatly impaired.



One-Time Installation/Activation Fee - $100

Monthly Maintenance/Warranty Equipment Fee - $8.99