Our Board of Directors

board members Gardonville's cooperative member territory is divided into seven districts. Each director is elected to serve a four-year term.



Display # 
Dennis Lee Director, District 1 (Current Term: 2018 - 2022)
Richard Anderson President, District 2 (Current Term: 2015 - 2019)
Richard Wagner Vice President, District 3 (Current Term: 2016 - 2020)
Larry Lund Director, District 4 (Current Term: 2015 - 2019)
Rodney Froemming Director, District 5 (Current Term: 2014 - 2018)
Curt Mateer Director, District 6 (Current Term: 2016 - 2020)
Deb Plaster Secretary, District At Large (Current Term: 2017 - 2021)

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